Hi, I’m Emily!

My first solo trip as an adult was Costa Rica right after high school graduation. I had an incredible time and earned the nickname Loca while there. I attended university for my bachelors and masters, and during this time it became evident that dipping my toes into travel in Costa Rica was less of a casual fling and more of a life-long dream.

Between extending Spring Breaks for a trip to Machu Picchu and studying abroad in Xi’an, China, my dream of having it all was coming to fruition. Fast forward to early 2020… a damper on international travel was occurring while I was gradating with a Master’s. This gave me time to save money, re-evaulate and work on my wish list for travel… search for toilet paper… move from NYC to Boston… discover my love for baking… fall out of love with baking…

And without further ado… I give you Live Like Loca! Welcome to my dreams! Hopefully some of my tips and tricks can inspire and help you along your way to world travel 🙂

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