Where to Find the Best Travel Credit Card

I would like to start off by sharing a completely biased opinion of my own: CHASE SAPPHIRE RESERVE.

Read no more, that is where to find the best travel credit card. Hands down!!

Okay, I was joking. You should research. Every single person has a different spending style, and comfortability which will make a huge difference in what travel card you need/want.

I personally worked with the Financial Gym right out of college on a budget for myself, and I continue to reference them periodically when I need good financial resources that I trust. In 2020, the best travel cards were the Chase Sapphire Reserve, AMEX Gold, and the Chase Sapphire Preferred. I chose the Chase Sapphire Reserve and never looked back! It has a high fee, but the rewards are crazy good, and I consistently get free flights with my rewards.

Use the links below to hop on the financial gym website and see what card works best for you!



credit card for travel

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